Distance Learning Spanish 12 Week Subject Knowledge Enhancement 2021

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31st August 2021

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This is a 12-week (approx. 300 hours) subject knowledge enhancement course. This course is intended for pre-trainee teachers or those in-training, who need to significantly improve subject knowledge in their subject specialism to GCSE.

The course takes part on our learning platform VIDLEARN®. Trainees complete a Subject Knowledge Audit at the start of each module, from which they can plot a learning sequence that is closely associated to their needs. Trainees are expected to watch and take part in activities from bespoke videos on VIDLEARN®.


  • To improve knowledge and understanding of your specialist subject to GCSE.
  • To consider key words, key concepts and key classroom activities associated with your specialist subject.
  • To consider some approaches to teaching the specialist subjects to GCSE.

In developing your personal and professional skills as a teacher, the course aims:

  • to foster and develop your personal enjoyment of and enthusiasm for your specialist subject;
  • to audit and maintain your subject knowledge;
  • to promote your collaborative learning;
  • to develop the ICT skills needed to enhance teaching and learning in your subject.